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Happy Christmas!
24 december 2008
Happy christmas and a happy new year to all visitors!
1 october 2008
There is a Video-Walkthrough (in english) for Half-Life 2: Infiltration available at planetphillip.com. If you need help, check it out!
Patch v1.3.1 ready to download
3 october 2007
Hi, you can download the new version 1.3.1 of Infiltration (english) now here: filefront mirror

I fixed lots of (mapping-)bugs and increased the level of detail in some maps. As there were so many bugs I had to fix, I did not create a patch file, because it would be as large as the complete mod file. Have fun.
Patch v1.3.1 nearly finished
1 september 2007
After a very long time, the development of the patch v.1.3.1 has been finished. Once the patch was tested by some players it will be available to download, probably within the next week. I'm sorry that the development took me so long but I had a lot of private problems, started to study at the university and had to relocate to Aachen. As some of you might know I am working on this mod on my own so that I did not have any support.
PC-Games: Infiltration "Mod of the Month"
29 June 2007
The issue 08/07 of the german magazine "PC Games" contains a report about Infiltration. We also got the award "Mod of the Month"!
Infiltration tested by PC-Action and HLPortal.de
27 June 2007
The german computer games magazine PC-Action tested Infiltration. They god a very good impression of the mod and gave us the best rating. You can read their report here.

Rating: Outstanding

"Half-Life 2: Infiltration could be an official Addon." - Andreas Bertits, PC-Action


The largest german Half-Life 2 fansite hlportal.de played Infiltration and they wrote a long, mostly positive report which you can read here.

Rating: 88%
Patch in development
26 June 2007
6 days after the release of Infiltration, I – chris – would like to talk to you again. First of all, I would like to say „Thank you“ for all your interest in my mod and that I read all the positive comments in the forums with a lot of pleasure and in the emails I recieved from you.

With rather less pleasure I also read all the bug-reports. Nevertheless lots of players sent me very detailed description of the bug, which makes it much easier for me to fix the problem. In the final version of Infiltration there were still a lot of bugs. However, none of them were found by the team itself, nor our testers or the editors of internet- and printmagazines. As this is my first mod, I really hope that the people that got these bugs will give Infiltration another chance once the new patch is released.

I am working right now on this patch v1.3. I am focusing on all the bugs I found in forums as well as on the leveldesign problems which made some people leaving the maps inadvertently.

I would also like to write a little statement regarding the missing new weapon. We didn't have a lot of time at the end of develpoment, but the comics were already finished and implemented and we hoped that we still could include a new sniper weapon until the end of development. Unfortunately this didn't work and so Dr. Kleiner announces the old crossbow as a new development. I hope that you will understand our situation.

The ones that do not want to wait until the patch is released and want to try to fix appeared bugs by themselves (e.g. via console) should have a look at the forum. I will help you there to fix your problem, if it's possible.

Best Regards,
Christian Hamm
Project Leader, Envisioned Games
There are some new mirrors:

Mirror-Deutsch: - Infiltrationv1.2full_de
Mirror-English: - Infiltrationv1.2_full_en
Mirror-Patch_de: - Patchv1.1to1.2_de
Mirror-All: - Infiltration-[de,en,patch]
Infiltration released!
14 June 2007
Half-Life 2-Infiltration is finished completely and as announced you may now download the current version 1.2! The mod is available in english and german. For the customers of PC-Action and PC-Games, we furnished a little patch, which patches the mod from v1.1 onto v1.2. We approve you badly to install this one too, because it corrects appearing bugs.

If you would like to host the mod, you can do that. For further questions contact us via Email.

Mirrors - English Version: Infiltrationv1.2full english

Mirrors - German Version: Infiltrationv1.2full_de

Patch v1.1->v1.2 ( DVD-Version of PCA and PCG): Patchv1.1to1.2_de

In case of appearing installation problems or trouble while playing, please register in our - extra arranged - forum. If you do so, we’ll try to help you as fast as we can.


We wish you a lot of fun while playing Half-Life 2: Infiltration, your ENVISIONED-GAMES team.
Release date
14 June 2007
The release date for the german and english version of Infiltration is June, the 20th. You will find the download links to our mirrors here at our website. Also, 5 new screenshots have found their way into our gallery.
Infiltration finished!
26 May 2007
The work on Infiltration is completed successfully. The results of the Beta-tests allow an estimation of the approximate playing time of about 4 hours for average players. Infiltration will be released in the middle of June and up to the release date further pictures and information will be announced. Moreover the english translation is finished and will be implemented, so that the english and the german version of Infiltration will be released at the same time. An entire new gallery can also be found on our website!

Your Envisioned-Games Team
Interview at ampedmods.com
21 March 2007
Ampedmods.com had an interview with the founder of Envisioned, Chris. They talked about the mod in general, the story and when we will have finished the development. You can also have a watch at three new screenshots there!

Thanks to ampedmods for their interest.
Infiltration in the PC-Action
25 April 2007
In the current issue 4/2007 of the german pc-games magazine “PC-Action” one can find a one-sided report about Infiltration. Of course you can also read it at our website at “press”.
Have fun reading it.

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